Dear member, in order to chat with other members, you will always need sufficient Coins, because sending messages costs Coins. Unfortunately there is no way to earn free Coins at this moment. You will always have to buy Coins, if you do not have enough. We offer different Coins packages in your profile to choose from.

Dear member, inside of the app you can only pay via your Appstore account (you can always top this account up through gift cards) or PayPal - however there must be a credit card or bank account attached to it. Alternatively you can open idates.com in a browser and log in with your login data. The web version offers you other payment methods like direct debit payment, credit card and internet banking.

Dear member, if you have bought Coins and your current balance shows 0 Coins, there are 2 possibilities:

1. You have already used all your Coins. Please keep in mind that sending a message always costs 50 Coins. When you use the option "TopChat", you will use an additional 20 Coins.

2. You or your bank has cancelled the purchase and you have an outstanding balance which must be paid first. Please contact the support in this case for more information: support@idates.com

Dear member, please note that due to technical reasons there might be a delay between the purchase and the unlocking of the Coins. If the Coins have not been unlocked after 2 hours, please send the invoice to our support email address: (support@idates.com). If you have paid via your Appstore account or PayPal, you will always receive a confirmation. We need this confirmation to check why your Coins have not been unlocked yet, and can then manually unlock them for you.

Dear member, we regret that you do not want to continue using our service. Please send an email with your user data (the username and email address of your profile) to our customer service: support@idates.com. Our team will process your request as quickly as possible.

Dear member, unfortunately we do not offer any possibilities to earn free Coins at this time. If you are in need of more Coins, you will have to buy them. We offer different Coins packages in your profile to choose from.

Dear member, unfortunately this is a misunderstanding. As mentioned in our Terms and Conditions, sending messages always costs Coins. A match is merely an indication to the people involved that there is a mutual interest and it could be worth it to contact them. Sending messages is not free, however.

Dear member, sending messages always costs Coins as described in our Terms and Conditions. Unfortunately it does not matter if you have already been chatting with someone for a long time.

Dear member, we do not offer any subscription / VIP model at this point in time. When you buy Coins, you only receive the Coins you paid for. Once these are used up you can decide to buy more Coins. This means there are no cancellation periods, and no running costs if you are not online with us.

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