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iDates – The TV-known dating app

Fast and free: Registering at iDates

Don't want to go through lengthy registration formalities? Welcome to iDates! Registration is just a few mouse clicks away. After that you’re good to go. Make contact, flirt, chat, fall in love. Whatever you feel like doing. Good to know: Registration is just as free as creating a profile, reading messages, giving Likes and much more. Through your profile singles in your area can find you in the blink of an eye.

Your profile: Attract attention!

Your profile represents you and what you're looking for. Naturally, the creation of your profile is free of charge and will help you attract the interest of the opposite sex. Describe yourself and what your preferences are. You will quickly get in contact, flirt, chat, date. Whatever you feel like. You'll be surprised how quickly you make contact with new people and how easy it is to get to know each other. Good to know: You’ll never pay to read messages from other members and there is no subscription fee!

The Like and the Match: Only two steps to chatting

A unique feature of iDates is that you can not only browse the profiles of interesting singles to your heart's content, but also leave a "like" to a hot prospect. And the good thing is, if your "like" is returned by that profile, the "match" takes place: You both are a good fit and iDates rewards that match by allowing you to chat. By the way, the "match" happens in real time. This means that if someone likes you based on your profile, you won't be notified a few hours later via email, but right on the spot. What the two of you do with this, is entirely up to you. Exciting!

Chatting as a virtual conversation

In the chat you can find out anonymously if your "match" is still a promising prospect - even after chatting all night. Do you have the same hobbies? Perhaps you even go to the same restaurant without actually meeting each other? Do you have the same preferences? In the chat you can address many things that might not be possible in a personal conversation. If you still like each other after getting to know each other comfortably in the chat, you can make an exciting date right away.

Our chat system is super easy to use and offers great advantages: You can make contact with great and interesting women and virtual online profiles quickly and without the "embarrassing feelings" known from "offline" life. Because everyone joined iDates for the same reason!

Start your flirt with iDates Fast and free

Online dating is widespread and is used by all age groups. Especially women appreciate the easy and uncomplicated way to make new contacts. On the go you can browse, chat, and meet profiles of singles from your area, and maybe even fall in love.

It's hard to keep track of the jumble of apps, and not all of them are absolutely serious. If you're looking for a dating app that makes it easy to get to know each other with free features, look no further than the TV-famous iDates. Find out everything you need to know about a mobile dating app that delivers thousands of new members to your phone every day and is fun to use.

No hidden costs

iDates is completely free to use. Registration and Likes are always free and you never have to pay to read a received message. There are no subscriptions or paid memberships to iDates! Additional paid features are always clearly marked on iDates, but you'll have a lot of fun with just the free features. iDates gives you an unparalleled flirting and chatting experience. The portal is designed to be easy to use so you can find the right flirt and chat partner quickly and easily. You can flirt and chat with your mobile phone in the morning on your way to work or at the office and then continue the same chats on your computer at home in the evening. All you need is a free account! This makes flirting and chatting really fun!

And the best thing about iDates is that when you sign up for free, you'll get 100 coins as a gift! Where else can you get that? So you have nothing to lose, you can only win with your sign-up. There's no risk - just sign up now and explore singles in your area.

Make contact fast and easy

Besides the amazing and simple chat function, there' s an even more uncomplicated way to get in touch with interesting profiles. If you like a profile and you would like to get in contact with this profile, you can simply send a "Like". Free and unlimited, to as many profiles as you like. You can quickly signal that you' re interested. If you get a "Like" or a virtual kiss back, you know that there is a spark and you can focus on these contacts.

Small gifts sometimes say more than 1000 words. That's why iDates lets you send small virtual gifts to the profiles you're really interested in. You can swap chats and virtual gifts with real or virtual online profiles, whichever you prefer. You'll see what an impression it will make! iDates is built to get you to your goal in no time.

App or browser? Your choice!

Use iDates on the road or on your home PC at home - it's your call. The flirt portal is also available for the desktop. So while chatting with a promising single, you could run to the wardrobe again and again and pick out things you want to wear on a possible first date 😊. This adds to the excitement and tingling sensation of having found the perfect person, somewhere in the depths of the worldwide web, that will soon be at your door.

Support is a given

Got questions about how to use iDates even better? No worries! At iDates you'll find some dating tips and professional support to answer your questions and provide you with expert assistance. You can contact our support 24/7.

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